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Weight loss is a metaphor for what's out of balance in your life. Your body acts as a barometer telling you when things aren't ok. Most people consider good coping mechanisms a good value to have, but when you by-pass those subtle cues indicating you need to take time out for you, your body will always tell the truth. So you can continue to push you to the side, or you can decide, right now, to do something about it. Because it all begins with a decision. Change can be as slow or as fast as you decide. So you can continue thinking about what you need to do, or should do, or you could just do it...NOW. In the future, looking back, you will be so glad you did. One of the most amazing gifts we all are given as humans, is the ability to reinvent ourselves. You own you, so you can choose to reinvent the best you.
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Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.

· Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor

· Registered as a Clinical Counsellor with The Australian Counselling Assoc.

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