1. Buy something new
There is a very powerful mind technique called the law of concentrated attention. The concept is; If there is something in life you really want then behave in a way as if you already have it. So I would like you to go out and purchase an outfit in the size you want to be. It has to be something new and NOT something you already have in your closet. It does not have to be expensive. When you have it , hang it on the outside of your wardrobe in a place you will see it often.
2. Chose your words: NLP
Create an Anchor
Chose a word and/or a phrase and chose a colour
Neuro -linguistic programming is the concept that what you say/or think effects your feelings and outcomes and shapes your core programs. There are ways to enhance your reprogramming by using words/color and metaphors as post hypnotic suggestions.
Use your word/s or phrase as an internal mantra
Get a clear or white water bottle and write your words on it
Get a bracelet inscribed
Chose a color that represents your theme; strength, power, energy and wear workout tops in that color, or buy a colored ribbon and wear on your wrist, or a colored charity band.
It’s important you engage your senses ; really think about the color or word, what it means, how it makes you feel….own it.
Just do it
Live strong
Never ever give up
Choose a colour
RED: Energy, Power, Fierce, Strength, Determined
Yellow: Uplifted, Energized, Focused
Green: grounded, balanced, focused
3.Eat only 3 small meals per day
Choose the 80 – 20 rule (80% percent protein and veg 20% low Gi carbs)
Protein makes you feel fuller faster and longer
No sugar (sugar creates tummy fat) use the sugar replacement Stevia
Don’t eat after 6:30 p.m.
4.Listen to your Hypnosis cd
It takes 28 days to change a habit. Repetition reinforces the hypnotic suggestions permanently embedding them into your deep into subconscious creating new neuropathways or programs…or new automatics.
5.Eat consciously
Only eat while sitting down without a TV on, newspaper, computer or laptop, texting on your phone….take the time to sit, be aware of your food, how it looks, smells, feels, tastes. Eat slowly, chew your food thoroughly (approx 15-20 times per mouthful), and put your knife and fork down, or your sandwich down between each bit.
You now choose Quality over Quantity
Did you know most of the time you crave sugar or food you are thirsty .Drink water at every meal and throughout the day. Carry a water bottle with you and inscribe your power word or phrase.
7. Incremental exercise
Begin by increasing the incremental exercise in your life. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Park 2-3 blocks away. Walk faster. Move more often, especially at night. If you ever watched a slim person you’ll notice they often move more than average….getting up to make cups of tea, getting chores done at night, that incremental movement adds up to create a cumulative whole. Wear a stepper counter and move more.
8.Setbacks are opportunities in disguise
Most people who struggle with their weight have all or nothing thinking. Imagine you’re going well for 1 week doing everything perfectly and then you derail and have a night of eating those left over timtams. The old you would say “I’ve blown it” and continue derailing for another day, week, month, even year. Not anymore. Now, if you have a setback allow yourself to feel disappointed for 2 minutes then stop, and use this moment as an opportunity to learn more about YOU. Ask yourself questions, look for reasons. Perhaps you were tired, we know we don’t make the best choices when tire so you will commit to get more sleep. Perhaps you have P.M.S., reminding you to never have timtams in the house especially around PMS. Always do your best to take back control as soon as you can and use this as an opportunity to get you stronger. Each time you do you are reinforcing your self-mastery making setbacks less and less likely. Consistency is your success.
9.) Focus
From a mindset, what you focus on you create .Most of us focus on what we want to get rid of but that only reinforces the problem. So form now on focus on the GOla you, your best you, how she or he looks, feel, acts , as if you have already achied the results.Your subconscious mind will help lead you to her/him.
10)Create a supportive environment
Surround yourself with motivational quotes, pictures of the goal you, images of people you admire. Go crazy, put it on the bathroom mirror, keep a cu card in your purse, have a picture on your fridge, at work, support your environment and your subconscious will be reinforced with these eternal psychological cues.
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