Impulse Eating

Impulsive eating is eating because you are bored, frustrated, overwhelmed, tired, in need of a reward or just because its there. Most of what we do is on autopilot , including eating. In order to gain control of what we are eating and how often we must “wake up”. Conscious eating is a learned behavior that require you to shut off the T.V., radio, put down the newspaper, close the computer and sit down somewhere where you can be present. It is also important to stimulate all of your senses, so take time to eat on nice place settings, create a nice presentation with your food, and as you eat notice what color it is, how it tastes, how it feels, the temperature, and even the texture. In slowing down the process of eating and becoming more aware your mind will expand those signals to your stomach that you feel full.


Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.

· Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor

· Registered as a Clinical Counsellor with The Australian Counselling Assoc.

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