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Do your eat too much?
Do you eat junk food?
Do you feel frustrated with your weight?
Do you hate diets?
Do you want to change your habits at a deep subconscious level?
Do you want to lose weight quickly and without too much effort or cost?

If so, then...


Aversion Therapy

My Hypnosis Lapband program is fast, simple, easy to use and highly successful. I have successfully trained in the UK system AND the American system and after treating 100's of clients in my office I have developed my own system based on what works best. Combining  powerful tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) , Aversion Therapy and deep hypnotic suggestions, my program has a high success rate of 97%.





"As soon as I woke up, I felt my body tingling all over as the sedation wore off and immediately my stomach
felt sore. It’s been amazing, I just have no interest in food. My friends are amazed.
Thank -you so much Deirdre, you are great" Aisha , Frankston.

"I have to say the procedure was weird. Even before we began I kept wondering if I had to come back to have my
stitches removed lol. I could really see Dr. Anthony, and the sensation of the sedatives was incredible. I've already
lost 10 kilos .You have really helped changed my life, thank you." Cassandra, Carrum Downs.

"I'm not sure how it worked, or why it worked but I just don't have an interest in food. I also noticed right away that I was eating much smaller amount. Since I've seen you I've sent half my office to you and I’ve lost 25 kilos.What more can I say, Thank you!"
Ann, Cranbourne.





How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose With The Hypnosis band System?

The overall success rates have been amazing although the results vary from person to person. Understand I run a very successful and busy practice all built from word of mouth success of my clients. I haven’t needed to advertise as once 1 client comes in to see me, I always get family members, work mates , friends and even strangers who want to know what they are doing to lose so much weight. I think this is the best way to gain my clients as its built on honest results and proof of my professional experience. On average people are losing between one to two kilograms in the first week and then around one kilogram each week thereafter.  The post hypnotic suggestions of feeling fuller faster, longer, eating smaller portions and choosing healthier options allows you to let go fo that weight , almost effortlessly.

Is The Hypnosis Lapband Safe?

Yes it is perfectly safe and very  relaxing, you will not feel any pain or discomfort during the hypnosis session or afterwards.  When you have lap band surgery there are risks and complications  involved as with any surgery including infection, reactions to medications and the silicon band, bleeding and blockages , and nausea or infections which can place your life at risk.  As the Hypnotic Gastric Band is all done under Hypnosis and  there are no post surgery complications. In fact not only will you lose weight, but you may also find you feel calmer, happier, sleep deeper, all of which can help reduce that stress hormone cortisol, which also aids in weight loss.

Does The Hypnosis Lapband Weight Loss System Work?

Yes the Hypnosis lap band Hypnosis System works exceptionally well with high success rates. Like any weight loss program you need to be committed to losing weight and also be open to change your eating patterns and make lifestyle changes.  Hypnosis will not make you do anything you do not wish to do!

How do I know you are the best choice for Hypnosis Lapband?

I am a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, originally from Canada with 10 years of training as a Clinical hypnotist and Clinical Counsellor with some of North America’s best and over 20 years professional experience in all areas of my field. I hold memberships with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, The Australian Counselling Association and I am a board member of the AHA and have personally trained several Clinical Hypnotists in my unique Hypnosis Lapband system. I am also trained at a Master’s level in Nuero Lingusitic Programing (NLP), Part’s Therapy, and  C.B.T. My PhD dissertation took 2 years and was entitled “Get Psyched; The Mind emotional approach to weight loss” which is also sold on my sites as an eBook. A great accompaniment to your Hypnosis Lapband CD as it contains powerful tools to lose weight and learn how your mind works.

How Can I Get Started?

Due to the fact that not everybody lives near a trained Hypnosis Lapband qualified therapist, the program is now available as a downloadable CD quality mp3, which you can listen to in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you, without having to repeatedly visit a clinic.

The advantage of downloading the sessions is that you can listen to the audio as often as you wish without the ongoing expense and of course, in the comfortable surroundings of your home. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM


Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.

· Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor

· Registered as a Clinical Counsellor with The Australian Counselling Assoc.

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